Welcome to a smarter class of software for Alumni Relations

Welcome to

A smarter class of software
for Alumni Relations

Ever wish the software you use to communicate with your constituents was just a bit more user friendly, a bit more efficient to operate, and a bit more integrated with your programs? So did we.

So we started with a clean sheet and a whole lot of experience and designed a new system for events, volunteers, fundraising, and communications based on serving people wherever and however they choose to connect.

Free from compromise. Free from old constraints. And free from the desktop.

AlumnIQ is the smarter alumni engagement platform you've been looking for.

Everything you need, nothing you don't. Customized to your needs.

Event Registration

Efficient, friendly, and comprehensive event registration for regional, on campus, and signature events.

Alumni Directory

Clean, simple, and well integrated with LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Privacy assured.

Email Marketing & CRM

Send (and receive!) perfectly targeted email - automatically tracked. Trigger actions on any number of events.


Opportunity marketplace and profiles - track your talent. Give them a place to collaborate.


Perpetual, recurring, and micro-campaigns (including crowdfunding) - all on one platform.

Event Check-in

Say goodbye to long wait times and hand-printed badges at the reunion check-in desk!


Do [this] when [that] happens. Automatically.

Mobile Friendly

Interfaces and interactions designed for smaller screens first, then scaled for desktop - not the other way around.

The Anti-Silo

Push and pull data any time, any format. We don't own it, you do.

Easy In, Easy Out

With enterprise class APIs it's easy to interoperate with existing and new systems alike.

Gingerbread Man

No Cookie Cutters Here

Every institution is different — Why should they all have the same software? Everything we do is customized to your needs.

System Of Record

Don't already have a System of Record? Now you do. Easy as that.

Case studies and examples coming soon.

AlumnIQ supports exceptionally great registration and mobile engagement experiences for several universities.

We can't wait to share their success stories with you.

Let's talk.

AlumnIQ Self-Check-In Station There's a lot to AlumnIQ that's better demonstrated than talked about. If you're ready to engage more effectively with your alumni, drop us a note or give us a call. We're ready to take you to the front of the class with AlumnIQ!

  (610) 810-1550   hello@alumniq.com